March 15 on the 15th / Kanata family lifestyle photographer

I’m really enjoying my 15 photos on the 15th of every month project, not only do I get some great family photos but it also gets us out of the house doing activities we many not normally do.  The 15th of this month fell on a Sunday and I got the whole family involved in taking pictures so I could be in some too!


 the day started off with a lovely breakfast cooked by my husband, It was so good that Buddy was hoping to get some too!  (this photo was taken by my husband)


we woke up to a fresh batch of snow which I found quite depressing as it was starting to feel like Spring.  My young boys were super excited though and had a blast outside having tobogganing races.  Buddy was so hyper that he was trying to steal his brother’s gloves then skipping away.



my human son took this photo.  It was challenging trying to get Buddy to sit still, he wanted to eat snow (hence the snow on his nose)


I was at the local library earlier in the week and noticed a family pass for free admission into the Canada Aviation and Space Museum so we decided to check it out.  I love this cheesy photo of my son as an astronaut!


here he is proving that he wasn’t too old to play on the ride-on airplanes


we went to see an ejection seat demonstration and my son was picked to try on these special aviator pants.  Apparently the fill up and cause the blood flow to go to the brain in an emergency.  It was hilarious watching him try to figure out how to put them on


This was my daughter’s favourite plane


my daughter was kind enough to snap this group photo


this photo cracks me up so I had to include it!



when we got back home, my husband made a lovely apple crisp to have for dessert


working on a 3D puzzle of Toronto


prepping food for our Fajita supper…these two love onions and always make sure there are lots (they are the only 2 that eat them)


Face-timing Gramma & Poppa, we’re looking forward to them coming home soon!

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